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Erratum: “no reason to lose your mind worrying about this, just lose the extra o!”

by Kazeem Olalekan

closeup of a pencil eraser correcting an errorMy last post: “Loose your tariff and your ethics“ has one too many “o” in it and was pointed out to me by my former student: Rahul Gogna on Facebook. That is the kind of attention to detail I expect from pharmacists especially some starting out in their professional career. That is one of the key attributes of pharmacists: attention to details. Clinical safety depends on it.

It is also important that as we focus on the details, we don’t lose sight of the big picture. So I agree with Rahul, I will lose the “o” but I will not worry too much about it;  in so far as the meaning is not lost.

Confusing lose with loose is a common writing mix up.

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