by Kazeem Olalekan

pharmacysupportChange management has been described as structured approach to shifting/transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state (Wikipedia). UK Pharmacy PLC has undergone and is undergoing significant changes in the way it is configured. With change comes uncertainties and the new Royal Pharmaceutical Society need to carry all its members with it.

Change can be stressful and the ability to provide relevant, independent support to members is critical. Enter Pharmacist Support, the working name of the Benevolent Fund of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (charity number 221438).

Pharmacist Support is an independent charity “working for pharmacists and their families to provide help and support in times of need”. The services provided include:

  • Listening Friends
  • Specialist Advice Services
  • Pharmacist Health Support Programme
  • Grants and Financial Assistance
  • Information, Enquiry and Signposting Service.

As I understand it from their website, the services are available to all pharmacists and their partners or children irrespective of registration with the professional body. All that is needed is that the partner or parent have been “on the pharmacist’s register at some point”. This is a fantastic organisation, doing great things.

They are funded by donations. Practising pharmacists may support their work by donating as they renew their yearly registration or can just donate here (via JustGiving). Pharmacist Support also rely on volunteers to deliver its Listening Friends service. In an age when we are focussing on the concept of Big Society, this is a great charity to support through volunteering.

I am bookmarking this and will consider how best I can play my part in supporting what I consider to be a great charity.

Pharmacist Support
General Helpline: 0808 168 2233
Listening Friends: 0808 168 5133
The Pharmacist Health Support Programme: 0808 168 5132

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