At bookapharmacist, we are ambitious…very ambitious. The bookapharmacist project (codename: Hampshire) was launched in August 2008. The aim was to support and complement the efforts of MUROnline: MUROnline was a project born of the need to increase the number of quality MURs delivered initially in Hampshire, Southampton and Portsmouth PCT regions. We have achieved some of our objectives but unable to achieve others. Nonetheless, we are stronger for it. Our strategy is shifting and we will use this document to detail what we are now about and what we are not about.

What is our primary focus?

Our primary focus henceforth are:

  • Reflecting on important and relevant healthcare news from various sources
  • Generating original healthcare news materials of our own

Scope: UK and International audience
Perspective: Pharmacy

We welcome contributions from willing pharmacists (and other healthcare professionals) here in the UK or elsewhere from around the world who have a pharmacist perspective to offer on topical news items. As we don’t believe in bombarding you with reams and reams of incomprehensive or incomprehensible legal mumbo jumbo, we have listed below our editorial policy in simple terms:

  • Trustworthiness: We value this greatly and we expect all our contents to be factually accurate and impartial. If there are any conflicts of interests, be up front about it. Do not knowingly mislead our readers.
  • Do not post contents that are likely to cause offense or harm people. It will be unusual for someone to comment authoritatively on areas outside their field of expertise. It will of-course be OK to reflect on a news item and describe how current practices might be affected.

In a nutshell, we value Trustworthiness, Accuracy, Fairness, Transparency and Impartiality above all else. We really couldn’t care less about how good your English or Grammar is. We will edit it for clarity but hey, we are not experts ourselves. If we can afford it, we will hire an expert. Otherwise: who cares! We feel you should not be hindered by your communication/writing skills. Just say what is on your mind. We however, do reserve the right to reject a contribution. We will always try and explain why we reject a contribution but please don’t hold us to that.

If all the above sound great to you, then feel free to join the coalition of the willing. All you really have to do is comment on any post or contribute an article. If you want us to keep you updated about new post periodically (say every month or so), let us know. We will not generally pay for contributions – we can’t afford to anyway. Nevertheless, we will acknowledge your contribution and ask you to name a charity of your choice. We will then showcase that charity on our blog and even make a nominal contribution to the charity. Occasionally we may commission a paid research. We will generally look to our growing pool of mail subscribers (click here) for the required expertise and will only look elsewhere when that expertise is not available.

Why are we doing this?

We are Pharmacists and we are proud to be Pharmacists! We want to showcase what we do and shout about it. More importantly, we want to show that what we do matters….to our patients and to the wider community. As pharmacists, we are making a difference.

Need more?

If you want to do more with us, then you may choose to subscribe to our mail account. We think it is value for money but don’t take our words for it. Check it out for yourself: Click here for more details.

What you get is a set of tools which supports you in developing your professional skills in pharmacy or even move it into new grounds. Make the sky your limit. At bookapharmacist we are happy when you flourish in your professional endeavours.

  • You get the usual google apps for business products
  • You choose a name: say ‘xyz’ and once set up you can start to receive emails and do more on all of these 4 unique addresses:
  • You may use these as you wish and the addresses remain yours for as long as you are subscribing to the service. We will work tirelessly to make the brand: bookapharmacist very strong. We want your email address to communicate something about you. Please note that our aim is to make this a strong and reliable brand. So please do not use it in a way that will compromise our values of Trustworthiness, Accuracy, Fairness, Transparency and Impartiality. We reserve the right to revoke a subscription if there is substantial evidence to show that our values are being compromised by a subscriber. We are under no obligation to refund payment for revoked subscriptions.
  • That is not all: These tools will be used to develop unique contents for subscribers. This will range from short videos on specific topics to specially drafted documents. There are tools within the package which you can use to network, ask for help or receive mentorship from a colleagues. All you have to do is ask and we will see what is possible; carefully tailored to your need. By joining the subscription you become part of the bookapharmacist family and our main goal is to make your life as a pharmacist as easy and fun-filled as is reasonably possible.

Click here to find out more about subscribing to the mail account.

What we are not?:

As we define what we are, we are keen to be clear about what we are not:

We are not a replacement for the great work being done by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS).

We will actively encourage you to become a member of the RPS because we believe in what it is trying to achieve for pharmacists in the UK. What we aim to do is fill the gaps or shed light into areas where individual subscriber lack clarity. Let us reiterate: Our aim is to support you in being the best pharmacist you can be. And if you are willing, then nothing is impossible – we not only believe this to be true, we are demonstrating why it is true.

And if you are not registered in the UK, we can still work with you to achieve the best outcome for yourselves. Just let us know what you are trying to achieve in pharmacy.

For us to be able to provide the full level of support, we recommend the mail account subscription. Click here to find out more.

We are not a pharmacy locum agency.

In the past we offered our services as locum agency but not now. We did that for a reason and was hinted at in our very first case study interview here but we are certainly not interested in that area of operation now. We will however work with specific locum agencies in constructive ways to deliver a motivated pharmacy workforce. We will do this to support the interest of our subscribers. We will seek no remuneration from the locum agencies but we expect that our subscribers are properly remunerated for their pharmaceutical services in line with market forces.

Our main website remain ad-driven and we are available to sell specific ad spaces to anyone wishing to take advantage of that service.

On that note, we invite you to join the coalition of the willing. Why wait?