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That time again….

by Kazeem Olalekan

It is that time of the year again when our Society, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, is asking us to dig deep into our pockets and join or renew our membership. There is no obligation to do so but it is a nice thing to do for what is our RPS_membership.fwleadership body. Then again, nice doesn’t quite cut it as our income is cut and our sources of gainful employment facing a significant axe.

What are the alternatives? This is exactly the time we should be engaging better with our leadership body. We all have our fears and anxieties but being part of that body should offer us the opportunity to put our case in a determined manner to the decision makers. I don’t have much spare cash but I will dig deep this time and renew my membership!

Our Society promises to: (1) To make me confidence in facing down known & unknown professional challenges ; (2) To recognise me through a validated peer review process; (3) Give me the opportunity to influence the future of the profession we all love; (4) To guide me in developing my career.

So, the following links might be relevant:

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