by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS

If you follow our blog, you will know that we are passionate about apps (you know..iphone (OS), android and possibly others – I know Microsoft is working very hard to narrow the gap on its rivals – so when we get our hands on a phone that uses windows mobile, we will add that to our review list).

This post is just to let you know what has been happening to the apps we have reviewed so far:

1. MicroGuide (App Store , Android Play Store)

In August last year, we reviewed the MicroGuide app developed by Dr Sanjay Gupta in collaboration with Dr Kieran Hand and Dr Adriana Basarab; all of University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust. There are some exciting updates since our review and they are:

  • We paid what we considered a reasonable fee of 69p for the app then. Guess what? You can now download it for free! – voilà
  • They have included the Paediatrics Guide to treatment of including dosing hyper-links – paediatrics is a passion of mine so I am very happy!
  • It now includes the Septic shock and severe sepsis algorithm for adults.
  • The app is now also available on the Android Play store – so if you have an android phone, you can now download the app.
See screenshots below:

Screenshot of the version 2 of the MicroGuide app

Frankly, if you work in a secondary care setting, or work within the University Hospitals Southampton NHS Trust, you should have this app on your iphone – period! You know what is missing? A powerful search feature! Can Dr Gupta make that happen? – There is a challenge!

2. NICE Guidance app (App Store, Android Play Store)

We were full of praise to the National Institute of Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) when we reviewed their app in April of this year. We gave the app a mark of 9.99999998 out of 10!! Well, the App has just undergone a re-vamp and we are at a lost as to where to go from such as high starting point. Not to be confused with NICE Guidelines, an app by Open Health Care UK (which retails at a great value price of £1.49), the NICE Guidance app is free to download but you will need an NHS Athens password to use it. I guess the two apps serve different purposes. Anyone working within the NHS should be able to obtain an Athens password and use the NICE Guidance app for free. If you do not work within the NHS, then NICE Guidelines app will be a great alternative. So what has changed?

  • The interface has changed slightly (see screenshots below) – the future, we must add is still orange!.
  • You could do everything that made the first app we reviewed so good – So in addition to the main menu that included a. Conditions & Diseases, b. Public Health, c. Bookmarks and d. Search button; you now have e. Treatment, Procedures & Devices and f. Guidance by type. These are wonderful enhancements.
  • A great new addition is the Updates where you get a list of guidance that have just been updated – amazing! – This is an wonderful improvement.

Screenshots of new NICE Guidance app

 Can you guess what we think yet? Yep, you guessed it: 10 out of 10. Go get yours, We’ve got ours!

3. CPPE – App (App Store; Android Play Store)

So in May 2012 we reviewed the CPPE App. We liked it of course. At the time I noted that the app is Easy to use, Challenging and Fun. Well nothing has changed. The app remain a valuable tool for pharmacists and technicians to keep abreast of things going on the pharmacy world. So the question is: Have you taken the e-challenge issue 25?

In the CPPE news you will find information on:

  • Preventing medication errors in hospitals – podcast now available
  • Business continuity management guide
  • Advances in anticoagulation: new oral treatments
  • Useful apps for pharmacy – revised guide
  • Changes to CPPE website
  • Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
  • Type 2 diabetes – a new focal point workshop
So the folks at CPPE continue to do a great job to keep us informed. Screenshots below.
Screenshots of CPPE app
We were full of praise to the NICE team in June when they launched the NICE BNF.  I remember now…my words were: “Hee Heee Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  Haaaaaaaaaaaah!”. My final comment in that review was: “Thanks NICE….and by the way can I ask for similar app for BNF for Children? That will be of great help to paediatric pharmacists like myself.” Just like magic, the nice people of NICE launched the NICE BNFc (App Store; Android Play Store). It works just like the previous NICE BNF and I have been using it since. I only have three words to say: Thanks a lot. Screenshots below:
Screenshots of the NICE BNFc app


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