The above news article on the i-paper (link) yesterday caught our attention. It urges patients to bring old or unused medicines for safe disposal at Lloyds pharmacy. This is on the back of a research conducted for Lloyds pharmacy which concluded that 1 in 4 people have taken or applied medicine that they later discovered was out of date. The press release on Lloyds pharmacy (below) website describe a hunt for the oldest medicines across the country returned to their pharmacy.


This is a good initiative designed to make people review the dates on the medicines in their cupboards. Bookapharmacist.com advises patients to return all expired medications to the nearest community pharmacy. We also recommend that you consider returning ointments opened more than 2 months ago even if still in date. Liquids opened more than 6 months ago (even if still in date) may need to be retruened returned too. Go on, have a rummage through your medicines cupboard and take out of date ones to a pharmacy near you.

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