by Kazeem Olalekan

I attended the Annual General Meeting of Hampshire and Isle of Wight LPC on the 14th of September 2011. The LPC has launched a new website (pictured) and after the paraphernalia of the AGM, it was time to introduce the key presenters: Professor John Weinman: Psychology Professor at Kings College, London and Alistair Buxton, Head of NHS Services at the PSNC.


Professor Weinman

Professor Weinman talked about Patient Non-Adherence to Medical treatment explaining what causes it and what can be done about it. Clearly the quote he used to highlight this point by C. Everett Koop is quite apt:

“Drugs don’t work in patients who don’t take them”

To understand how to tackle this problem, he drew on many years of research and described Adherence was and causes of non-adherence. You ought to have been there. Nonetheless 70% of Non-adherence are intentional and 30% are un-intentional. Clearly we need to do something to overcome patient;s perceptions about illness and treatment.

Enter the New Medicine Service. Can Pharmacists truly make a difference? I know I can. The question is can you?

Alistair Buxton

Mr Buxton explained the process involved in the delivering the NMS service and the promotion surrounding it. PSNC website has a lot of resource about the service. Go check it out here.

Will I be doing my bit to make this service a success for my patients? You bet I will!

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