by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS

I was driving my family on Easter holiday recently and my daughter kept saying ‘Are we there yet?’. This will be familiar to anyone with young children. They say this Ad nauseam almost as if they are enjoying it! I am going to repeat the same question here but I certainly am not enjoying it! I am saying what I am about to say to help the pre-registration students kick start there preparation for their forthcoming exams. I have the following questions:

Are you there yet with your preparation?
Have you a revision strategy in place?
Are you making use of all the tools at your disposal?

If the answer is NO to any of the above, I will have to ask you to start making some plans. In July last year, I test drove a tool produced by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society – TP Ontrack. I think it should form an integral part of every pre-reg’s revision strategy. No one will be happier if the pre-regs sail through their exams first time!

So if you are not there yet, keep moving in the right direction – as they say….Make Hay!

NB: If you know of other tools designed for pre-registration pharmacists, please post comments below.

To find out more about this useful tool go to



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