by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS

It’s election season at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and the arrival of my Ballot Paper last week has filled me with real excitement. The Society is about to elect new members to the English, Scottish and Welsh Pharmacy Boards. The candidates are listed here. I sure hope all members will be able to exercise their right to vote.

Voting can take place (details in Ballot Paper):

– Via the internet –

– Via post

All voting by noon on Friday 1st June 2012

It is exciting time and I will be casting my votes in the English election for the candidates that excite me most. With 28 candidates competing for 14 places (five places in the community sector (of which at least one must be an employee pharmacist and one a locum), two in the hospital sector, one in the industrial sector, one in the academic sector, one in the primary care/public health sector, and four places for members or fellows from any sector.), the competition is fierce. May the best candidate win. The following are sample quotes from the candidates:

Pharmacist offer unique pharmaceutical skills that should be appreciated by the DOH.
Khalid Mahmood Ahmed – Any sector and Community Employee

Every day I glow with pride that I am a pharmacist.
Rachel Elizabeth Airley – Any sector and Academic

I have excellent national and international pharmacy networks.
Professor Claire Wynn Anderson– Any sector and Academic

Our unique skills are not fully utilised, often through no fault of our own.
– Catherine Jane Armstrong – Any sector and Primary Care/Public Health

England needs a strong voice.
– Martin Keith Astbury – Any sector and Community Employee

I want a professional body that portrays itself as a leading healthcare organisation…
David Michael Lofts Brandford – Already elected

I am passionate about Pharmacy and the role of the Pharmacist.
– Sharon “Sibby” Isobel Tait Buckle – Any sector and Community Employee

We can also make a huge impact on people’s lives through public health services and developments such as Healthy Living Pharmacies.
– Jamal Masood Butt – Any sector and Community Employee

We need a Society that all Pharmacists will want to belong to because it delivers what they need…
– Elizabeth Jean Butterfield – Any sector and Primary Care/Public Health

If elected, I guarantee that I will give one hundred percent to ensuring a better future for pharmacists – a profession we can all be proud of.
– David Michael Carter – Any sector and Community

Going forward, we need to re-establish the RSPGB as the professional home of medicines expertise.
– Fiona Cochrane Castle – Any sector and Community

I hope to be given the opportunity to continue the development of an energised, effective and inspiring RPS!
– Deborah Annette Crockford – Any sector and Community Employee

 I will promote the professional expertise of pharmacists however and wherever they contribute to patient care.
– Gail Curphey – Any sector

I will fight to have your voice heard!
Sultan “Sid” Isam Abdul-Mahsen Taher Dajani – Any sector and community Employee.

I am the national clinical leader for the profession.
– Stephen Gregory Foster – Any sector and Community Employee

It (the professional body) must have a far sighted vision for where it wants the profession to go.
– John Gentle – Any Sector and Community Employee

My particular passion is to develop seamless pharmaceutical care between hospital and community.
– Sandra Julia Gidley – Any sector and Community

I always work to ensure awareness amongst non-pharmacist industrial leaders and harness our strong professional base.
– Shilpa Rameshchandra Gohil – Alraedy elected

Members’ views need to be understood, their worries answered and attended to…
– Ronald Gould – Any sector and Community Locum

Together we can demonstrate pharmacy’s unique role in ensuring safe and efficient use of medicines
– Heather Jacqueline Gray – Any sector and Primary Care/Public Health

Pharmacists are one profession, all sectors of which provide valuable service to patients and the public
– Stephen “Steve” John Hadley – Any sector and Community Locum 

I am passionate about pharmacy and feel that it is time that I use this knowledge and drive to support Pharmacy by becoming a member of the English Pharmacy Board.
– Wendy Susan Langley – Any sector and Community Locum

(I) fully understand the issues and difficulties we face from a grass roots level…
– Amish Patel – Any sector and Community employee

We need people at the grass roots working together to give a strong unified voice of sanity and common sense…
– Jason Kenneth Peett – Any Sector and Primary Care/Public Health

We (my family of pharmacists) passionately believe in a strong, proud and independent profession.
– Graham Stuart Phillips – Any sector and Community

We need strong leadership to overcome challenges and capitalise on opportunities.
– Stephen James Riley – Any sector and primary care/public health

The challenge is to empower a fresh generation to shape a broad professional body, rich in contemporary values…
– Alaster James Rutherford – Any sector

I believe that my appointment to the Future Forum has demonstrated my ability to influence at the highest levels of Government…
Ashok Soni – Any Sector and Community



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