by Kazeem Olalekan

The publication of the final report  into the PIP debacle, by the NHS Medical Director, should signal the ‘silence of the pips’. The report is making it clear that:

  • There is no evidence of significant risk to human health.
  • PIP implant are significantly more likely to rupture by a factor of around 2-6; and this difference is detectable within 5-years of implantation.

This report should at least silence the pips and bring reassurance to worried patients. The process that led to this point has been very good.

  1. Health scare news item about substandard implants
  2. Patients rightly concerned and worried
  3. Some providers reluctant to act swiftly
  4. NHS stepped in to show leadership
  5. Patients re-assured allowing for space to conduct thorough review
  6. The review shows that risk is non-existent.

The question is: has the NHS done what is expected of it? I think so.

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