by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS



The latest update to MUR requirements (1) which applied from the 1st of July is refreshing. If I was commissioning the service for the first time, this is what it might look like. Nonetheless, evolution is not a bad thing. The requirements now look something like this:

  1. Recruit the patient, ensuring that at least half of your MURs every year are within the national target groups.
  2. Collect the patient’s written consent using the nationally approved consent wording.
  3. Undertake the MUR, using the suggested questions to guide your conversation with the patient if you wish.
  4. Make a clinical record for the MUR to allow the provision of ongoing care. This record must include the nationally agreed MUR dataset. A PSNC MUR worksheet is available, but pharmacists can design their own format for records or use a PMR system MUR module as long as the national dataset is captured. The national dataset for each MUR needs to be kept for a minimum of 2 years (this can be stored electronically if you wish).
  5. There is no longer a  requirement  to use the MUR form to record the details of an MUR and hence the requirement to give the patient a completed copy of the MUR form also ceases to apply. The pharmacist may decide to provide the patient with a note of the points agreed during the MUR if it is believed this would be helpful for the patient.
  6. Where you need to make the patient’s GP aware of an issue that arose during the MUR, complete an MUR Feedback Form and send this to the GP practice. You may also decide to speak to the GP before sending the Feedback Form, if the matter is urgent. A copy of the completed MUR Feedback Form can be given to the patient.
  7. If your PCT requests a quarterly report of your MUR activity, collate the data in the national MUR electronic reporting template and email it to the PCT. Templates to allow you to collate and report this data can be downloaded from the MUR section of the website, or your PMR system may create a completed reporting template for you at the end of each quarter.

More information about the service is available here.

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