by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS

One of the cornerstones of pharmaceutical research (and indeed any other scientific research) is dissemination. If you have done the work, why would you not want people to know about it? It is with that in mind that I congratulate the Chief Pharmaceutical Officer of Hampshire and Isle of Wight LPC, Ms Sarah Billington (interviewed below by the CPPE on engaging local stakeholders with HLP)  for her quick thinking in registering a poster presentation of the successful Transfer of Care events we worked on in Wessex at a recent Pharmacy Management National Forum.


We work under very short deadline to deliver the poster and it offers myself a unique opportunity to attend the conference. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and organisation of the conference. The line-up of presenters was top-notch, as they say. I made some notes and twitted my experience a bit. You will find below my range of tweets and re-tweets on the day.


It was a great experience for me. This is the first of the five notes I made at the conference just to give readers a glimpse of what happened and what I learned. It is also an opportunity to reflect on what I heard at the conference. For a comprehensive look at what happened at the conference, the good guys at Pharmacy Management have put together a toolkit which captures:

“….the content from over 20 satellite sessions and 79 posters can now be downloaded via this link:

Delegates and Pharmacists employed within the NHS and other Healthcare Professionals involved in Medicines Optimisation will be able to download the ‘toolkit’ for FREE.

If you need a reminder of the password please contact

For all others the ‘toolkit’ will be available to purchase for £90 plus VAT.  Please contact Katie Fraser


Many thanks also to Jason Peett and Janet Beith for a job well done. I think we deserve a pat on the back! What we did has been disseminated! This is another opportunity to thank all those that took part in organising the events across Wessex.


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