The deadline for casting your vote on the Changes to the Royal Charter is Monday 20th of July 2009. This is important and your vote will determine the direction of our society. You should have received the Ballot Paper (shown).

Why vote?

    • If you want a new professional leadership body which will provide you with the products and services you need to support your professional and career development – you need to vote ‘yes’


    • If you want a body which will truly represent your interests, and effectively lobby those who can influence the future direction of the profession – you need to vote ‘yes’


    • If you want a body that will help you improve the quality of care for your patients – you need to ote ‘yes’


  • If you want a body which will work to ensure proportionate and appropriate regulation by the new regulator – you need to vote ‘yes’

How to vote

This time there are 4 ways to vote (which we feel is wonderful):


    • VOTE BY TELEPHONE: Dial 0800 197 4624 and follow the telephone instructions.


    • VOTE BY POST: Complete the voting grid as shown in figure


    • VOTE BY SMS (text): Text the appropriate message to 80212 hope you will exercise your right and cast your vote…

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