What’s New? The BNF and BNFc updates

by Kazeem Olalekan A BNF and BNFc app convert like myself knows to press the ‘Update Now’ button whenever I am prompted to do so. It is the best way to be up-to-date in clinical decision making. What I thought I would do today is highlight some key updates in the BNF and BNFc in […]

Keeping our promise…

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS Following on from a previous article on the NHS, I promised to try and get an interview with Dr Mark Tomlin. Well I have kept my promise. Today we publish the full interview. Dr Tomlin talk on a range of issues. He talks about what he does in his role as […]

Safety Update: ALTITUDE ‘unboost’

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS Early result from the ALiskiren Trial In Type 2 diabetes Using cardiovascular and renal Disease Endpoints (ALTITUDE) study has shown that: study patients were unlikely to benefit from aliskiren; and an increased incidence of non-fatal strokes, renal complications (including acute renal failure), hyperkalaemia and hypotension in patients randomised to the aliskiren […]

Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference 2011–Supporting the Future of Pharmacy through education and professionalism

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPhamS At the recent Royal Pharmaceutical Society Conference, the strategy for supporting the future of pharmacy through education and professionalism was the theme of a break-out session. The following pieces of work are relevant: Defining professionalism (and its elements) in early career pharmacists R. Elvey, P. Lewis, E. Schafheutle, S. Willis, S. […]

Epipen–Online Registration of Expiration

Ever seen a patient/parent walk into the pharmacy with expired Epipen/Epipen Jr autoinjector? The pens expired a while ago without realising it! So the pen might have expired when it is actually needed. Not good. As we know, Anaphylaxis is a potentially life threatening allergic condition. When you need it, you need it. Expired one […]

Drug Safety Update – Atypical femoral fractures with Bisphosphonates

Atypical femoral fractures have been reported rarely with bisphosphonate therapy, mainly in patients receiving long-term treatment for osteoporosis. Discontinuation of bisphosphonate therapy in patients suspected to have an atypical femur fracture should be considered while they are evaluated, and should be based on an assessment of the benefits and risks of treatment. The need to […]

A listening group–the ASDA example

Bookapharmacist.com welcomes the bold move by the Superintendent of Asda Pharmacy, John Evans to lead the formation of a Listening group for locum pharmacists. He posted a comment on the Locum Voice website on the 31st of December (link), in which he describes his company’s keenness to “learn what we need to do to support […]