by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS

Following on from a previous article on the NHS, I promised to try and get an interview with Dr Mark Tomlin. Well I have kept my promise. Today we publish the full interview. Dr Tomlin talk on a range of issues. He talks about what he does in his role as a Consultant Critical Care Pharmacist, why there is no choice but to work together in order to face off the healthcare challenges we face as a nation. He also touched on the role of the enigma that is: Hospital Clinical Pharmacists and how the roles will evolve with changing needs. I think you need to listen to the interview. I think it is fascinating – Then I would, wouldn’t I?


The issue for me is that there are fewer pharmacists checking up on what has been prescribed.


It’s about working together simply because we will not have the skills and the time to deal with the health care needs if we don’t work together.


Click here to listen to the interview

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