Pharmacy: Third Largest Health Profession in the UK

By Kazeem Olalekan With pressure on services across the NHS, it is time to really look at making better use of the third largest health professionals in the UK – The Pharmacists. Watch the video below produced by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society and your pharmacist will see you now…

Using your inhalers correctly: The Asthma Series

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS Inhaler technique is a significant factor in proper management of Asthma and COPD. Medicines Use Reviews in Pharmacies, Nurse-led clinics and Hospital-based clinics are useful places where good inhaler technique can be re-enforced. There is no harm in reviewing patient’s technique regularly because it is difficult to kick out old habits […]

If you can see the damage, you’ll stop!

A new ad campaign to encourage people to quit…   Make quitting an important component of your New Year resolution.   as my friend Cyril, a smoker, said himself:   No good comes from smoking.   The question is:¬†Wouldn’t you want to stop if you could see the damage? Time to get the quit kit […]

The results are in…and everyone is a winner

by Kazeem Olalekan Following from the recently completed election onto the National Pharmacy Board in England, Wales and Scotland; is happy to note that this is an election it is proud of. Everyone is a winner: elected or not. We are releasing a YouTube video of the results.     Related posts: tag: election2012

Taxpayers’ Alliance report on MUR – a riposte

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS In April, the Taxpayers’ Alliance published a report ¬†about Medicines Use Review. It concluded boldly that Medicines Use Review are a “wasteful subsidy to pharmacists”. In this piece, I offer my riposte to that report in a YouTube Video:    

How funny is that?

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS The students of pharmacy at the Sharad Pawar College of Pharmacy in Nagpur, India really fancy their chances at music – in between learning about pharmacology, pharmaceutics and pharmacy practice. So they released a music video on Youtube. According to them: “This is the only song on PHARMACY field..“! The music […]

Pharmacist and Sexual Health

Just uncovered this video on YouTube highlighting how pharmacists can play a role in public health in the area of sexual health. The pharmacist can do a lot more of course. So just remember to ask your pharmacist about what helps are available locally. Check the NHS Choices website for more information about sexual health: […]

Customer Service – by Jonathan Mason

Jonathan Mason is the Department of Health’s national clinical director for primary care and community pharmacy. He is also head of prescribing at City and Hackney Teaching PCT, where he leads on prescribing and medicines management and has wider responsbilities for primary care commissioning. You can follow his blog at Chemist + Druggist: