Oxis Turbohaler
Oxis Turbohaler

The images above illustrate an important point about parallel import of medication. At first glance the Oxis Turbohaler on the left shows a strength of 9 microgram and on the other side of the same Turbohaler, the English label shows 12 microgram (picture on the right). It may be reasonable to conclude that there might have been a labelling problem.

A closer inspection of the SPC for Oxis Turbohaler 12 explains the anomaly: “Each delivered dose (i.e. the dose leaving the mouthpiece) from Oxis Turbohaler 12 contains 9 micrograms formoterol fumarate dihydrate which is derived from a metered dose of 12 micrograms.” (ref).

So different European countries label the boxes differently. Maybe a good strategy will be to use a specially designed box for parallel imported medication where labelling differences exist.

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