At we like to recognise a good level of preparedness of the IT tools we have to work with in community pharmacy. This case echoes the point that was made by MUROnline in relation to the proposed unified MUR interface (UMI): “The pace of implementation of software changes is determined by the speed of the system provider to respond to change not by the need of the pharmacist or the pharmacy business” (1).

The Responsible Pharmacy(RP) regulation came to effect on the 1st of October 2008 (Thursday). The IT system I use was obviously not geared for the change yet. However, I worked in a different shop on the Saturday the 3rd of October and was pleasantly surprised that the IT system there was geared for the RP regulation (screenshot below).


This system can print out your legal notifications as well as make the necessary logs. A number of providers have produced commercial software to make pharmacies compliant with the regulation. is currently planning a response to the regulation but before we do, we would like to say a big well done to Rx Systems Ltd (Email:; Sales/Support: 0845 634 2634) (and some of the other systems providers) for getting there first.


  1. Responsible Pharmacist is a Welsh company that has teamed community pharmacists, software developers and a project manager to combine their expertise to develop innovative solutions for use in the day to day management of UK pharmacies.

    Our pharmacists discuss the issues faced within their business and together we develop cost effective and easy to use applications to allow you, the pharmacist to spend more time with your customers safe in the knowledge that day to day tasks are taken care of by our products.

    We would be happy to give trial access to bookapharmacist and to promote your site for some honest feedback.

  2. I have been trialing this system and it is superb! I have the pro-script RP system running in my pharmacy, but the Responsible-Pharmacist Ltd system is much better!
    The printable forms for my staff, the reminders of when my GPhC subs are due, the check to see if a locum is on the register….. and I’m really excited about future add ons to this system.
    I would invite everyone to try this out for FREE.

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