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Product Recall–Sterimar (Batches: FE1248b; FE1249)

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) has received warning of possible bacterial contamination in batches of the saline nasal spray Sterimar Isotonic 100ml. The spray is sold online and at high street retailers and is commonly used to cleanse the nasal passage.

As part of its regulatory requirement the manufacturer has informed the MHRA of a bacterial infection in two batches of the spray. The two bacteria identified are commonly found in soil, water and hospital environments and human infections are rare. The bacteria shouldn’t affect healthy people. However, those who suffer from existing sinus or nasal problems, have recently undergone surgery or have a weakened immune system may be at risk. The possible symptoms exhibited can be nasal or facial tenderness, discoloured mucus or a fever.

Consumers are asked that if they have any of the affected batches, to stop using the product immediately and return it to the retailer. If they exhibit any of the symptoms listed above then they should consult a healthcare professional.

The affected batches are FE1248b and FE1249. The batch number can be located on the product packaging and on the base of the can.

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