by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS

This July we have posted our 6th Case Study. We are quite proud about this one. Kazeem conducted an interview with Sue Gough, a Critical Evaluation Pharmacist at University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. It provides an insight into what these breeds of pharmacists do. They read the many clinical papers on medicines, crunch the figures and present that information to decision makers. It is sometimes a lot of tedious work but somebody has got to do it. Getting it right is important and critical to deciding which treatment is appropriate for use.

Yes, the work can be sometimes tedious, but this pharmacist is not taking it lying down! As our YouTube video will show (see below), she has a wide range of interests outside work that makes for a good balance between work and life.


Sue was quoted in the interview as saying:


In the past I have written reviews of medicines not yet launched on behalf of the National Prescribing Centre which is now part of NICE.


As a pilot study on behalf of the Department of Health, I wrote two reviews of unlicensed medicines and did quality control on two other reviews.


Listen to the full interview here


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