by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS


Kazeem visited Sue Gough at home in Fordingbridge to interview her on her role as a Critical Evaluation Pharmacist at University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. In this interview, Kazeem explores her role and how it contributes to the national knowledge pool. He also took time out to talk to Sue about her wider interests. These include her interests in women’s issues through the Women’s Institute, her passion for antiquities including antique cars. And about the joint interest she shares in modern jive with her husband. It made for a fascinating experience. We have posted a YouTube video of the extensive chat she had with Kazeem. Do watch it.


Hello Sue, you gave a powerful talk at the Wessex RPS Conference in October of last year about your role as a critical evaluation pharmacist. Can you please give a brief introduction of yourself and how you arrive at this role.



Can you please explain what you do day-to-day as a Critical Evaluation Pharmacist?



You clearly help us make sense of how effective a new medicine is. Can you give the listeners examples of medicines you have had to evaluate in the past and results of that evaluation.



Map of Medicine (accessible via Athens log-on)

Unlicensed medicines for DH

All the On the Horizon documents I wrote for NPC


You are employed at the University Hospitals Southampton NHS Foundation Trust. Where do you sit in the pharmacy department especially in relation to Medicines Information.




With the publication of the results of the review of impact of PIP breast implants by Sir Bruce Keogh, do you have a role in shaping the understanding of medicines nationally? And can you give examples of these?



Your job is clearly demanding but you do pass the time in a number of unique ways which I will explore in more details elsewhere. Can you please describe how you let your hair down?


Thank you very much for your time Mrs Sue Gough.

By the way, Mrs Gough is a member of the local Women’s Institute ( and supports the charity called Associated Countrywomen of the World ( Please make a donation to the charity, if you can. Thanks for listening. bringing you the pharmacists’ perspective!