by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS



In our latest interview, Kazeem chats with Cyril Siou – Community Pharmacist. This interview effectively introduces the reader to Cyril – the man. He was one of the people that said yes when I presented him with a blank canvass of what I wanted to achieve with this project. The passion that motivated the project is alive and kicking. This interview aim to re-focus attention on quality in what really matters. The interview can be listen to here.

As is becoming customary, we have a complimentary video on YouTube as well.


I will not do an MUR if I felt it wasn’t going to be quality MUR and the patient is not going to gain something out of it.


No good comes from smoking


on delivering MUR:


I don’t really want them (the patients) to feel that this is a lecture. I want them to gain something out of it.



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