by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS



Kazeem visited Cyril Siou at home in Netley, Southampton in the evening of 27th of November 2012. It was past 9:30pm! Cyril had just finished a long shift and he has invited me into his house to do an interview which I had wanted to do. It meant we will be having dinner together. You need to know Cyril to know that this is not unusual. This is routine. We had planned to have a take away (or ‘take-out’ for the American audience) but his wife, Vicky, insisted on cooking dinner. She’d put the children to bed and found time to cook us dinner. Cyril is a very focused and hard working pharmacist who doesn’t suffer fools gladly. The interview is about giving the audience a unique perspective of the man. I call the interview ‘being Cyril’. I have come to know and respect Cyril a lot. He was one of the original MUR Evangelist project team members. He came on board when I presented a blank canvass to him and described my aspiration and vision for this project. He was an integral part of a team that work tirelessly on the project. He never over promised. He delivered what he said he can. No one can ask for more than that!

This is a powerful interview which left me breathless. Very funny in parts but equally very serious in parts. One thing was certain: the passion to make a difference that fuelled the project in the first place is still alive and kicking…..and thank God for that! Enjoy the interview below but do check out this YouTube video for interview extras.


Hello Cyril, I think we met in 2005 when I took up the position as a manager at Tesco Bursledon Towers. That is about 7 years ago! Can you please give a quick summary of your journey to now.





I made a simple proposition to you in 2007 about the MUR Evangelist project (Bedfordshire). You said yes – why?




How do you feel the project has gone? What were the highlights for you and what were the not so great points.




From a personal point of view, I always felt that when things were not going as it should, I could always come to you for a calm reassuring outlook. How do you keep so cool? What is your underpinning life philosophy?




With the project, we talked about being an MUR Evangelist. We talked about making pledges to say what we believed in. That MUR can make significant difference to our patients lives. On a very personal note Cyril: what do you believe in?




Pharmacy (especially Community Pharmacy) remain a challenging profession to work in even today. How do you strike that balance between family and work life. It can’t be easy…can it?



Thank you very much for your time Cyril.

I asked what charity is close to Cyril’s heart. Listen to what he said below.


There is a method there…and he chose the Neuroblastoma Society. Extended interview is on our YouTube video. bringing you the pharmacists’ perspective!