In August of this year, reported on the antimicrobial iphone app developed by the team at Southampton University Hospital NHS Trust (now: University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust). At the end of that piece, Kazeem promised to try and get an interview with Dr Kieran Hand, the pharmacist involved in the App development. Well we did! Enjoy the interview:

Interview with Dr Kieran Hand (Consultant Pharmacist – Anti-infectives ; University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust): Conducted October 2011


Dr Hand, you are well known to us here at (1) but can you please introduce yourself and describe your current role at University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust to those listening for the first time.



What is the rationale behind this new antimicrobial iphone App which we reviewed in August (2)



With Mr Lansley calling for healthcare apps ideas (3, 4), would you not say the Trust is showing great clinical leadership in being the first to market? Furthermore, will this not contribute to the clinical transparency debate which is the hallmark of the new Health and Social care bill (5)?



How easy was it to deliver this app as part of a multidisciplinary team and what tips can you give about this way of working?



How is the antimicrobial team making sure that prescribing are carried out in accordance with the guideline?



On a separate issue, I understand you are a keen athlete always finding time to raise money for charity (6). Why the Medical Missionaries of Mary?


Thanks very much for your time.

NB: Dr Kieran Hand was featured on the BBC PM program (05/11/2011) raising concerns to government about speeding up the process for approving new antibiotics.