by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS


It is always a great pleasure to meet Perveen. This is the guy I eluded to in ‘The Doctrine of Universal Truths‘ as the first person to say yes when I first floated the idea of an MUR project: ‘He not only said yes – he also put down the highest sum of money…’ When I met him in early September of this year at our old project ‘headquarters’, it was to do an interview and understand what he has been up to. Perveen is now a community pharmacy area manager with Rowlands Pharmacy and enjoying life as a husband and father. The interview was a revelation to me and touched on a number of areas which we hadn’t touched on in the past. This is an important insight into a man with great instincts. As is customary now with these interviews, there is an accompanying YouTube video for extra insights.


Hello Perveen, I have known you now for about 10yrs way back in the day when we work at Sainsburys supermarket at Badger Farm, Winchester. Can you please provide a brief summary of your pharmacy career to date (including where you studied).



Can you please tell us a little bit about the company you currently work for and the scope of the area you cover.



In 2011, I commented on Rowland Pharmacy’s decision to split the role of its superintendent in two, with externally focused duties separated from statutory duties. This of course mirrors the structural changes in pharmacy. How has this impacted on the way you are able to do your job?



When I floated the idea of a MUR project many years ago, you were the first person to yes and you backed it up with a significant financial investment. What motivated you and what was going through your mind at the time?



As an area manager now, you can see the strategic need to deliver good quality MUR to your patients. It makes great business sense and can contribute to professional satisfaction. Can you describe some of the challenges of MUR delivery and how you are overcoming these.



I know you now have a young family. How do you manage to combine your hectic schedule with maintaining a balanced family life?



Thank you very much for your time Perveen.   Extended interview is on our YouTube video.


Perveen talks below about his support for the NSPCC and other charities in general. bringing you the pharmacists’ perspective!