Antibiotics Resistance – A perfect Storm

Tonight in conjuction with Pfizer, are supporting an important Branch meeting on Antibiotics Resistance (-Just another example of big Pharma working with Pharmacists). Download the events pdf here. The talk on Antibiotic Resistance will be given by no other than Dr Kieran Hand, Consultant Pharmacist – Anti-infectives at Southampton University Hospitals Trust. This promises […]

We were there alright (the C&D Conference)

We were at the Chemist and Druggist (C&D) conference held at the NEC in Birmingham on the 11th of October 2009 and we loved it. We recommend that you attend next year’s event. We definitely switched onto the topical discussions. The big picture is becoming even clearer! The presentations by Sue Sharp (PSNC Chief Executive) […]

Responsible Pharmacist and IT Tools

At we like to recognise a good level of preparedness of the IT tools we have to work with in community pharmacy. This case echoes the point that was made by MUROnline in relation to the proposed unified MUR interface (UMI): “The pace of implementation of software changes is determined by the speed of […]

Tic.Toc.Tic.Toc: The birth of Responsibility

It is difficult not to have noticed the oncoming significant change in community pharmacy regulation. We are referring to the Responsible Pharmacist regulation which is due to take effect in eh…3 days (1st October 2009). At, we call it “the birth of responsibility”. If this is the birth of responsibility, then what has community […]

Pharmacist 2.0 and beyond…

by Kazeem Olalekan MRPharmS MBCS Pharmacist 2.0 is a parody on Web 2.0. Yes, it is funny but there is a serious underlying point to this.   What is Web 2.0?   Wikipedia describe Web 2.0 as “web development and web design that facilitates interactive information sharing, interoperability, user-centered design and collaboration on the World […]

Drug Safety Information – Phenergan Elixir

MHRA has just posted this Drug Safety Information with respect to Phenergan Elixir PL 04425/0630, 100ml packs. The labelling may “cause confusion to diabetic patients”. This relates to the technical distinction between hydrogenated glucose (which is not considered as sugar and therefore does not carry the risks of dental caries but nonetheless not suitable for […]

Customer Service – by Jonathan Mason

Jonathan Mason is the Department of Health’s national clinical director for primary care and community pharmacy. He is also head of prescribing at City and Hackney Teaching PCT, where he leads on prescribing and medicines management and has wider responsbilities for primary care commissioning. You can follow his blog at Chemist + Druggist:

New Packaging: What is the point?

There is always a number of valid and reasonable factors which inform or influence changes in packaging of medicinal (and other) products. We scratched our head to find a justifiable reason why the packaging of Dermol 200 shower gel (pictured) had to change. On the right is the previous packaging, and on the left is […]

Spot the difference?

The images above illustrate an important point about parallel import of medication. At first glance the Oxis Turbohaler on the left shows a strength of 9 microgram and on the other side of the same Turbohaler, the English label shows 12 microgram (picture on the right). It may be reasonable to conclude that there might […]

Something for the Pharmacy Technician and Support Staff

Iforg Limited quietly launched the Cornwall project (motto: nil volentibus arduum = nothing is impossible for the willing) on the 31st of August 2009. This is a project designed to complement the bookapharmacist project for Technicians and Pharmacy support staff. A group of pharmacists are navigating through the changes in our profession and this is […]

Pharmacy Training Providers in Hampshire

We thought we will sign post you to the key pharmacy training providers in Hampshire. This is partly to let you know where to search for training events should you fall into the categories of pharmacists working in Hampshire and not getting the appropriate training. An partly to highlight some important upcoming events in the […]